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buy bobcat mlo fivem | the Bobcat Security Heist with  lighting, custom props, and secure interior design effortlessly create an intense, immersive atmosphere.

Location v3(877.6512, -2252.1174, 30.5726, 151.4746) 

Bobcat MLO is a mod that many people enjoy using in roleplay servers because it’s easy to install and configure. All it takes is a simple download and a few changes to the settings, and you’re good to go. Bobcat MLO, as the name suggests, is an MLO that adds a bank interior to the game. It is perfect for roleplaying and adds a new level of thrill and danger to the game.


  • Easy to install
  • Interior Lighting and Effects
  • custom prop
  • Secure Interior Design
  • custom interiors
  • main hall
  • Secure Interior Design
  • High frame rate

Location v3(877.6512, -2252.1174, 30.5726, 151.4746) 

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