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Location v3(-290.9881, 1558.2310, 361.2808, 287.1492)

The favela is placed in Los Santos middle and is a multicultural environment. It is a collection of numerous buildings that include houses, shops, and businesses. Additionally, the favela has various alleyways and streets. The favela MLO has many uses: it might be used to increase the server’s realism and RP potential.


  • Detailed and realistic favela
  • The diverse population of people
  • Several different buildings
  • Alleyways and streets
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Compatible with most FiveM servers
  • More feature check in video 

Location v3(-290.9881, 1558.2310, 361.2808, 287.1492) 

Preview video of favela fivem mlo

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