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Buy new  fivem grapseed taxi mlo various interactive elements like doors and furniture, and they can explore the taxi MLO. Sounds like an engaging game with attention to detail and interactivity. working dispatch desks ,Custom vehicle parking , Passenger waiting areas , Interactive triggers and many more

FiveM Grapseed Taxi MLO is an MLO that adds a taxi stand or taxi office to the Grapeseed area of a FiveM server. Designed specially for roleplay use in which taxi is one of the main activities, it gives an opportunity to build a place for a taxi company or a single driver to work in the countryside. It is a good way to make the game more immersive and give players another chance to RP and meet other players in the game.

Location and Design:

Grapeseed Focus – Since the Grapeseed region is my MLO’s location, it may provide me with an accessible and relevant location to provide taxi services in the rural community.

Variety of Styles – Other MLOs may have different design styles, as they may range from a modest dispatch office with a waiting area to a vast garage with numerous parking lots that also serves as a repair shop.

  • Basic Interaction:
  • Players can interact with doors,
  • furniture, and explore the taxi MLO.
  • Advanced Features:
  • Includes working dispatch desks for managing fares and drivers,
  • along with custom vehicle parking.
  • Passenger Waiting Areas:
  • Comfortable seating for customers awaiting rides.
  • Interactive Triggers: Activate fares,
  • dispatch communications, or scripted events.

Location v3(1664.7590, 4839.3027, 41.9760, 96.1225) 

Preview video of fivem grapseed taxi mlo

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