Milos Skating Rink MLO

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Enhance your FiveM server with a versatile  Milos Skating Rink MLO

, perfect for various roleplay activities:

  • Public Skating Sessions: Host events like public skating, birthday parties, or romantic dates.
  • Competitive Skating: Roleplay figure skating competitions or roller derby matches.
  • Skating Rink Employees: Players can work as skate rental staff, security guards, or concession stand workers.

Bring your server to life with this dynamic skating rink interior!

 Location v3(-842.8382, -1204.6969, 6.3594, 215.5086) 

Milos Skating Rink MLO is a FiveM MLO that looks like a real skating rink to the extent possible. This MLO is great for roleplaying servers since it comes with a fully integrated skating rink, Concessions, and arcade.

This MLO is also highly customizable in terms of language used, keywords included etc. It is possible even to switch around the colors of the building and the landscaping, and the music that can be heard in the rink. This makes the creation of a distinct look and feel for a server to be very simple.

  • Highly detailed and realistic recreation of a real skating rink
  • Fully functioning skating rink, concession stand, and arcade
  • Highly customizable building, landscaping, and music
  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with all FiveM servers

Location v3(-842.8382, -1204.6969, 6.3594, 215.5086) 

Preview video of  Milos Skating Rink MLO

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