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all housing fivem Housing enhances immersion, allowing players to own businesses, host events, or relax in their virtual space.

Location v3(1355.3364, -573.5975, 74.3803, 242.2048) 

FiveM housing scripts let players purchase, rent, own, and customize virtual properties, from apartments to mansions. Here’s a quick breakdown:


  • Purchasing and Renting: Use in-game currency to buy or rent properties.
  • Customization: Personalize interiors and exteriors, including painting walls and floors.
  • Storage: Store vehicles, weapons, and other items.


  • Roleplay: Enhances immersion, allowing players to run businesses, host events, or relax.
  • Community: Fosters a sense of community as players decorate homes and invite others over.
  • Monetization: Servers can generate revenue by offering premium properties and exclusive customization options.

Housing adds value by enriching roleplay experiences, building community, and supporting server sustainability

Location v3(1355.3364, -573.5975, 74.3803, 242.2048)

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