animated billboard fivem

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animated billboard fivem  provide unique advertising opportunities in game give best gaming expreance in gta v if you want add in your server buy now

Location v3(-1038.0095, -757.0869, 77.9981, 262.1115)

Animated billboard fivem to your server, enhancing the gaming expreance and providing unique advertising opportunities.


  1. Multiple Animation Options:
    • Choose from transitions, fades, and moving elements for engaging visuals.
  2. Customizable Textures:
    • Replace default textures with your designs, logos, or advertisements for a personalized touch.
  3. Various Sizes and Styles:
    • Select from different billboard sizes and styles to fit various map locations, from small street banners to massive building displays.
  4. Easy Integration:
    • Drop MLO files into your server resources folder and adjust settings in the config file for seamless integration.
  5. Performance Optimized:
    • Lightweight design ensures smooth performance even on low-end servers.

Location v3(-1038.0095, -757.0869, 77.9981, 262.1115) 

Preview video of animated billboard fivem

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