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Auto Parts Store MLO (Map Location Object) in FiveM enhances the gaming experience by transforming a basic, empty auto parts store building in GTA V into a detailed and interactive interior. Here’s a concise overview of what it offers:

Detailed Interior

  • Realistic Setting: Converts an empty store into a fully fleshed-out environment.
  • Stocked Shelves: Features shelves with virtual car parts, using textures or 3D models.
  • Service Counters: Includes counters for customer interactions and parts sales.
  • Employee Areas: Contains offices or break rooms for staff.
  • Storage Areas: Dedicated spaces for parts inventory.

Interactive Elements

  • Functional Cash Registers: Allows buying and selling of parts.
  • Inventory Systems: Enables players to search for specific parts.
  • Customizable Features: Lets server owners adjust available parts or create a black market for rare items.

This MLO significantly enhances role-playing scenarios by providing a realistic and functional auto parts store interior, adding depth and interactivity to the gaming experience in FiveM.

Location v3(330.0141, -1123.7561, 29.4141, 355.7420) 

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