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Car dealers fivem are custom-designed interior locations created to provide real-life and diverse dealerships on your server. These MLOs are suited to a variety of situations in roleplay, providing an exciting opportunity for those who are interested in selling, buying and customizing or working in car dealerships. 


    • Types:Showrooms: Large, sleek spaces showcasing various car brands and models.
    • Used car lots: More casual atmosphere with a wider selection of pre-owned vehicles.
    • Speciality dealerships: Focus on specific car types like luxury, muscle cars, or off-road vehicles.
    • Custom designs: Create unique dealerships with your vision and theme.
    • Features: Detailed interiors: Offices, sales desks, repair bays, customer lounges.
    • Interactive elements: Working doors, opening car hoods, test drive triggers.
    • Roleplay potential: Car sales, repairs, customization, financing, dealership jobs.
    • Additional features: Tuning shops, car washes, valet services, VIP areas. 

Location v3(824.5740, -998.3159, 26.3756, 9.9849) 

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