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• Desert Mansion fivem : This mod adds a large, luxurious mansion to the Grand Senora Desert. It is a multi-floored building, which comes with a swimming pool, a garage, and other benefits. It requires the player to enable Entity Invasion in the game.

• Luxury Desert Mansion: Another modern mansion with breathtaking views into the desert is presented in this mod. All benefits of suburban life are available, including a swimming pool, a hot tube, and a rooftop terrace.

• Grand Senora Desert Mansion: In this mod, a huge desert mansion is added. The player can go to the casino, theatre, and racetrack offered by Mansion. The mod also allows for downloading the movie Padparadscha.

Location v3(-1893.5546, 2034.7832, 140.7404, 334.3391) 

Desert mansions in FiveM are custom maps or locations added to servers, ranging from small haciendas to luxurious estates in the dunes.

Popular Mods:

  • Desert Mansion: A large, luxurious mansion in the Grand Senora Desert with multiple floors, a pool, and a garage.
  • Luxury Desert Mansion: A modern mansion with stunning desert views, featuring a swimming pool, hot tub, and rooftop terrace.
  • Grand Senora Desert Mansion: A sprawling mansion with amenities like a casino, theater, and race track.

These mods enhance the FiveM experience by adding unique and luxurious desert environments for players to explore and enjoy.

Location v3(-1893.5546, 2034.7832, 140.7404, 334.3391)

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