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east custom garage fivem  is a highly detailed and immersive car workshop MLO, adding exceptional value to your roleplay servers! This versatile garage features a variety of spaces for players to customize their vehicles, socialize, and conduct business. With realistic environments and high-quality design, East Custom Garage enhances the gameplay experience, making your server more engaging and enjoyable. Elevate your server’s value and attract more players with this premium car workshop.

Location v3(970.7346, -121.9397, 74.3531, 51.1718) 

Explore the ultimate experience with East Custom Garage FiveM, where customization meets performance.

  • Spacious main building: Featuring 4 body shop areas, 2 paint booths, a dedicated wheels/tires area, an office with a meeting room, a lounge area, and a reception. With space for up to 18 cars, this garage can accommodate even the most demanding car communities.
  • Highly detailed interior: Immerse yourself in the gritty and realistic atmosphere of a real-world custom garage. The MLO boasts meticulous attention to detail, with a variety of textures, props, and lighting effects that bring the space to life.
  • Customizable options: Make the garage your own with a variety of customization options. You can change the exterior signage, add custom decals and logos, and even adjust the lighting to match your server’s theme.
  • Optimized for performance: The MLO is optimized to run smoothly on most FiveM servers, ensuring a lag-free experience for your players.
  • Enhances roleplay: Provide your players with a dedicated space to roleplay mechanics, car enthusiasts, and other characters associated with the custom car scene.
  • Boosts server engagement: The garage offers a variety of activities for players to enjoy, such as working on their cars, socializing with other players, and participating in server events.
  • Creates a memorable atmosphere: The East Custom Garage’s unique and detailed interior will leave a lasting impression on your players.
  • Location v3(970.7346, -121.9397, 74.3531, 51.1718) 

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