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“FiveM ANWB Garage MLO” likely refers to a custom garage location within a FiveM server, possibly related to the ANWB organization. This garage could serve different purposes based on the server’s theme and gameplay:

1. Roleplaying as a mechanic: Players can act as mechanics in the ANWB garage, repairing vehicles and engaging with customers.
2. Vehicle storage: The garage can be used by players to store their vehicles within the FiveM server.
3. Heist target: In certain servers, the ANWB garage might be a target for players to rob, adding an element of thrill and challenge.

“FiveM ANWB Garage MLO” likely refers to a custom map location object (MLO) for the popular FiveM roleplaying game. Here’s a breakdown:

– FiveM: A modification for Grand Theft Auto Online that allows players to create and host custom servers with unique features and rules.
– MLO: An abbreviation for “Map Location Object,” a custom asset used to create new locations within FiveM.
– ANWB: In this context, it could stand for various organizations or groups within the server’s lore, such as the Royal Dutch Touring Club or a fictional automotive warranty bureau.
– Garage: This indicates that the MLO adds a custom garage location to the FiveM server, potentially for roleplaying mechanics, vehicle storage, or heist scenarios.

Location v3(806.7271, -866.7648, 25.2513, 193.3930) 

Preview video of fivem anwb garage

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