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FiveM bar MLOs are pre-made virtual environments that can be added to FiveM servers to create realistic and immersive settings for bar-related roleplaying purposes. These MLOs typically feature highly detailed interiors and exteriors, replicating the layout and atmosphere of real-world bars, pubs, nightclubs, and taverns.

Location v3(1957.7848, 3846.1016, 31.9960, 124.1737) 

FiveM bar MLO are pre-built virtual environments for roleplaying in bars.

  • Detailed interiors and exteriors recreate real bars and pubs.
  • Custom items like bar counters and glasses enhance the experience.


  • Realistic setting for bartenders, customers, and social gatherings.
  • Diverse possibilities for roleplaying scenarios.
  • Customization options for tailoring the environment.
  • Active community creates and improves MLOs.


  • Classic Pub: wooden bar, dartboard, fireplace, cozy seating.
  • Sleek Nightclub: dance floor, DJ booth, VIP sections, elaborate lighting.
  • Grungy Dive Bar: dim lighting, pool table, jukebox, local crowd.

Location v3(1957.7848, 3846.1016, 31.9960, 124.1737) 

Preview video of fivem bar mlo

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