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FiveM Garage MLOs are mods that add custom garage interiors to the game world, enhancing the roleplay experience on FiveM servers. These range from practical spaces to elaborate, custom-designed garages.

Location v3(1562.8859, 2161.5757, 78.8167, 80.1593) 

The abbreviation FiveM garage MLO stands for “FiveM Map Layer Object.” In essence, it is a mod that brings a garage interior to the game world. They can range from simple functional spaces to complex custom garages.
There are some points to understand about FiveM garage MLOs:

Functionalities: They usually have functions such as operational doors, lightings and crash zones. Some of them even include lifters, turntables or boxes with tools in them.

Variety: Different tastes and preferences are catered for because there are many designs of MLOs available. You can get everything ranging from real reproductions of current garages till cyberpunk workshops futuristic.

Customization: Majority of MLOs are designed with customization in mind. This will involve changing textures, inserting props and even rearranging the layout to suit your own self-designed garage.

Server use: In most cases MLOs are used on FiveM roleplay servers where players can own and operate their garages for various purposes. This could be anything from running a mechanic shop to storing a collection of stolen supercars.

  1. Location v3(1562.8859, 2161.5757, 78.8167, 80.1593) 

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