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Location v3(-688.1657, 670.2793, 152.5039, 118.3438) 

FiveM haunted house MLOs are custom maps or modifications specifically designed for the FiveM role-playing game, which is based on GTA 5. These MLOs (Map Load Objects) either transform existing buildings or create entirely new structures to provide players with spooky and thrilling haunted house experiences. Players can explore and interact with these eerie environments, making for immersive gameplay. Here are the key aspects and features of FiveM haunted house MLOs:

  • Spooky atmosphere: Dim lighting, eerie sounds, creepy decorations, and jump scares are all common elements of FiveM haunted house MLOs.
  • Interactive elements: Some MLOs may include puzzles, traps, or other interactive features players must solve or overcome to progress through the haunted house.
  • Multiple themes: Haunted house MLOs can come in various pieces, from classic Victorian mansions to abandoned asylums or even slasher movie-inspired settings.
  • Tebex: A platform for creators to sell their FiveM mods and MLOs.
  • FiveM Forums: The official FiveM forums have a section for sharing and discussing custom MLOs.
  • GTA5-Mods: A website that hosts a wide variety of GTA 5 and FiveM mods.
  • Quality: Read reviews and previews of the MLO before purchasing it to ensure it is well-made and meets your expectations.
  • Compatibility: Check that the MLO is compatible with your FiveM server and any other mods you use.
  • The Hole by Fiv3Devs: An underground sewer tunnel MLO with a red room, torture room, control room, and cells.
  • UM – Horror House: A feature-rich MLO with multiple scares, props, and sound effects.
  • Patoche Creepy House: A detailed and atmospheric Victorian mansion MLO.

Location v3(-688.1657, 670.2793, 152.5039, 118.3438) 

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