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Buy new fivem mlo mechanic  dedicated space for players to act as mechanics, taking on jobs, fixing vehicles, and interacting with customers.

 Location v3(717.8159, -1088.7043, 22.3578, 262.0546) 

fivem mlo mechanic  is a custom map mod that adds a fully-fledged mechanic shop to the game world. These MLOs range in complexity and features but typically offer a dedicated space for players to roleplay as mechanics, repairing and customizing vehicles.


  • Detailed interior: Replicating the look and feel of a professional mechanic shop, including:
    • Work bays with lifts and tools
    • Paint booths
    • Parts storage areas
    • Waiting rooms
    • Offices and staff areas
  • Functional props: Interacting with tools, charges, and other equipment for immersive gameplay.
  • Custom scripts: Adding specific functionalities like vehicle repair, customization options, and job systems.
  • Performance optimization: Ensuring smooth gameplay without impacting server resources.
  • Thematic design: Matching the overall aesthetic of your FiveM server. 

ocation v3(717.8159, -1088.7043, 22.3578, 262.0546) 

Preview video of fivem mlo mechanic

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I hope this guide has clarified any issues you may have had. If any steps weren’t clear, you can find a more thorough explanation using the bottom menu on this page. For good scripts for this MLO, visit the Qbcore shop.


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