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fivem paleto garage  This MLO pays transforms a standard garage into a fully functional mechanic’s shop with tools and a waiting room.

Location v3(53.1403, 6534.3770, 31.2557, 245.9642) 

The FiveM Paleto Bay Garage MLO offers a unique way to personalize and enhance your garage experience in Paleto Bay, a northern city.

You need to understand what they are: They are interiors that are made specifically for garages already in Paleto Bay.

They are created by modders and offer more features and interiors that differ from vanilla garages.

They offer more detailed interiors, such as higher-quality textures, clutter items, and decor that will create a realistic and immersive garage environment.

Other features include working doors, lifts that work, custom-made workspaces and lighting.

Some MLOs have completely redesigned layouts compared to standard garages.

Addition of multiple levels, storage spaces, and hanging out areas.

Paleto Bay Garage MLOs include: Paleto Mechanic Garage MLO, by NekMonn. This MLO pays to transform the garage into a mechanic workshop complete with tools and lifts. 

Location v3(53.1403, 6534.3770, 31.2557, 245.9642) 

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