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FiveM Pink Cage refers to two main things:

  1. Pink Cage Motel MLO: This custom interior was created for the Grand Theft Auto V map on FiveM servers. It replaces the Sandy Shores Motel with a vibrant pink motel with detailed interiors, including rooms, lobby, and other features.
  2. Pink Cage Motel Exterior: This is a standalone add-on that modifies the exterior of the Sandy Shores Motel to match the pink theme of the MLO.

 Location v3(327.16, -214.02, 54.09) 

FiveM Pink Cage refers to several things related to the FiveM community and Grand Theft Auto V roleplay, specifically focusing on a pink motel and surrounding area:

1. Custom Interior and Exterior:

The MLO recreates the Pink Cage Motel, featuring multiple rooms, a lobby, and an exterior area. Detailed textures, furniture, and props create a realistic atmosphere.

2. FiveM Pink Cage Servers:

Some FiveM servers revolve around the Pink Cage Motel, incorporating it as a central location for various roleplay activities. These servers often offer custom scripts, jobs, and events related to the motel and its inhabitants.

3. Roleplay Scenarios:

The Pink Cage Motel can be used for various roleplay scenarios, such as:

a. Criminal activity:

  • Hideout for criminals
  • Base for illegal operations
  • Location for illicit transactions

b. Investigative work:

  • Investigations of crimes
  • Searches for missing persons

c. Humor and entertainment:

  • Comedic roleplay scenarios
  • Parties and social events

Location v3(327.16, -214.02, 54.09) 

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