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Many Tuners Garage MLOs provide extensive customization options, allowing server owners to tailor the experience to their preferences and needs. Here are some key areas where customization is possible:

FiveM Tuners Garage MLOs (Map Location Objects) are custom-built interiors designed to enhance the Grand Theft Auto V roleplay experience on the FiveM platform. These MLOs provide a dedicated space for players to customize and work on their cars, adding a whole new layer of immersion and roleplay opportunities to the game.

Detailed Interiors

FiveM Tuners Garage MLOs feature realistic and engaging spaces, including:

  • Spacious Garage Areas: Multiple parking spots to accommodate various vehicles.
  • Lifts and Repair Bays: Dedicated areas for working on and repairing vehicles.
  • Tool Benches and Equipment: Essential tools like tire changers, paint booths, and engine lifts.
  • Showroom Areas: Spaces to display customized cars.
  • Office Spaces: Areas for managing business or planning car meets.
  • Decorations and Lighting: Customizable to reflect the owner’s style and preferences.


The level of interaction in these MLOs depends on the specific design and implemented scripts, often including:

  • Vehicle Tuning and Customization: Modify cars with virtual parts and paint jobs.
  • Vehicle Repair: Fix damaged vehicles to keep them in top condition.
  • Business Management: Run a virtual car repair or customization business.
  • Hosting Car Meets: Organize gatherings for other players to showcase their vehicles.
  • Roleplaying Mechanics: Assume roles such as mechanics, shop owners, or car enthusiasts.

Location v3(173.0562, -3028.1746, 5.8008, 94.2388) 

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