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1. Lost MC assets: Gabz also offers additional assets related to the Lost MC, such as custom vehicles, clothing, and props. These assets can be used alongside the MLO for a more immersive and detailed roleplay experience.

2. Gabz’s work: In general, “Gabz Lost MC” can refer to Gabz’s work and contributions to the FiveM community, mainly his focus on creating high-quality MLOs for roleplay servers, with the Lost MC being one of his famous creations.

Overall, “Gabz Lost MC” encompasses a range of things related to FiveM roleplay and the Lost Motorcycle Club, including custom interiors, standalone maps, showcase servers, additional assets, and the broader body of work of the developer “Gabz.”

    Location v3(-190.38, -1156.22, 23.05) 

Gabz Lost MC refers to several things relate to the FiveM community and Grand Theft Auto V roleplay:


  • Detailed Lost MC MLO: This meticulously crafted interior recreates the club’s headquarters, featuring realistic textures, props, and familiar details. It provides a dedicated space for players to gather, plot their next moves, and revel in the camaraderie of the Lost MC.
  • Standalone Lost MC map: For those seeking a larger playground, Gabz offers a standalone map encompassing the entire Lost MC compound. Explore the clubhouse, surrounding areas, and even a hidden basement, creating a richer and more dynamic roleplay environment.
  • Showcase server: Unsure how the MLO would function on your server? Head to Gabz’s dedicated showcase server and try it out firsthand. Get a feel for the layout, size, and atmosphere before making a commitment.
  • Additional Lost MC assets: Dive even deeper with Gabz’s collection of custom assets. This includes vehicles, clothing, and props specifically designed to enhance the Lost MC roleplay experience.
  • Gabz’s legacy: “Gabz Lost MC” is also a testament to the developer’s dedication to creating high-quality MLOs for the FiveM community. His commitment to detail and passion for roleplay shines through in this impressive collection.

Location v3(975.35, -126.41, 74.19) 

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