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mcdonalds fivem mlo in fivem as cooks, cashiers, managers, and cleaning staff, managing the restaurant, cooking food, serving customers, and maintaining the McDonald’s experience.

Location v3(78.7809, 264.8945, 109.1863, 7.7096) 

This FiveM script gives you the famous fast-food restaurant McDonalds experience in your FiveM server. Comprising of a dedicated area in which different roles entail players to pretend to be operating the famous burger joint. These MLOs serve different preferences, and they work as employees while managing. In the restaurant for having something to eat along with friends while discussing the prospects of availing the facility of McDonalds virtually.

eatures of the FiveM McDonald’s MLO:
  • Fully-stocked kitchen
  • Dining area with tables and chairs
  • The counter where players can order food and drinks
  • Working cash register
  • Drive-thru window
  • Realistic and immersive
  • Popular among FiveM players 

Location v3(78.7809, 264.8945, 109.1863, 7.7096) 

Preview video of mcdonalds fivem

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