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  • Unique roleplay setting: Island MLOs provide a unique and isolated environment for roleplaying scenarios like surviving on a deserted island, running a private resort, or engaging in criminal activities.
  • High customization potential: With diverse environments, customizable structures, and various activities, Island MLOs offer high customization potential for server owners and players to create their unique island experience.

   Location v3(-3319.4106, -1213.3165, 8.0442, 287.9038) 

FiveM Island MLO (Map Loaded Object) is a custom-made building mod for the popular roleplaying game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on the FiveM platform. It allows players to explore and interact with a private island environment within the game world.


  • Diverse environments: Island MLOs come in various sizes and offer diverse 
  • Environments include tropical beaches, rocky cliffs, lush forests, and hidden caves.
  • Customizable structures: Many island MLOs include customizable systems like mansions, villas, bungalows, shacks, and more.
  • Unique activities: Some MLOs offer special activities like swimming, diving, fishing, boating, and exploring abandoned ruins.
  • Hidden secrets: Some MLOs may include hidden secrets like treasure chests, easter eggs, and even secret passageways.
  • Highly detailed terrain: The islands are meticulously crafted with realistic textures, vegetation, and environmental effects.
  • Unique structures and buildings: From huts and cabins to mansions and castles, the islands offer a variety of designs to explore and interact with.
  • Interactive elements: Some MLOs include interactive features like working vehicles, boats, and custom scripts for specific gameplay purposes.
  • Customizable environments: Some MLOs allow server owners to modify the terrain, add objects, and customize the background to their liking.
  • Interactive elements: Depending on the MLO, interactive features like working doors, windows, lights, and custom scripts can be included.

   Location v3(-3319.4106, -1213.3165, 8.0442, 287.9038) 

Preview video of fivem island mlo

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