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FiveM fivem srt Shop

  • Car Collector’s Haven: Display and maintain SRT vehicle collections.
  • Mechanic Roleplay: Transform into a mechanic shop for repair and customization.
  • Social Hub: Gathering place for car enthusiasts to socialize and share tips.

The fivem srt Shop  is your one-stop shop for everything automotive. This MLO is set against an industrial black exterior, with the stunning SRT logo. It combines style and functionality, making it one of the most popular choices for mechanic shops in FiveM.

Features and Benefits of FiveM Shop MLO

  • Branding is prominent: The SRT logo appears large on the façade, creating brand recognition.
  • Structure Versatile: Features garage doors with multiple entrances and separate entries for different uses.
  • Aesthetics Rich: Black exterior with “Arcade’ signage for an engaging aesthetic appeal.
  • Interactive Entertainment: Included a pool-table and arcade games to keep customers entertained while they wait.

Why choose FiveM for your mechanic shops?

FiveM SRT Shop MLO is not only a service, but also an experience. Imagine managing a shop with a fuel pump and modern facilities for car repairs and modifications, as well as being a hub of social activity.

  • Spaces that are Functional: A showroom for displaying vehicles next to a fully-equipped workshop.

Discover the potential of FiveM Shop MLO

Our FiveM SRT Shop MLO is the best choice for a mechanic’s business. It offers efficiency, style and an active community. This MLO is ideal for both routine maintenance and extensive modifications. It combines practical workshop facilities with leisure amenities, making it a cornerstone of any mechanic’s business.

Location v3(-65.6032, -1829.4111, 26.9431, 46.3135) 

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