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Enhances Roleplay: The house provides a dedicated space for players to interact and create their own stories within the world of FiveM.

Improves Immersion: The detailed interior and interactive elements make the house feel more real and immersive, drawing players into the game world.

Offers Variety: The Grove Street House adds another location to explore for players tired of the same old GTA 5 environment.

Boosts Server Popularity: Having the Grove Street House on your FiveM server can attract players who are fans of GTA San Andreas and enjoy roleplaying.

    Location v3(92.3352, -1946.3792, 20.7821, 123.0090) 

grove street house FiveM is a popular map modification (MLO) that recreates the iconic location from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This mod allows players to explore and interact with the house’s interior, returning memories of the classic game and enhancing roleplay opportunities.

Here’s a rundown of the Grove Street House FiveM MLO:

Grove Street House in FiveM:

  • This popular map modification (MLO) recreates the iconic location from GTA: San Andreas.
  • Explore and interact with the house’s detailed interior, reliving memories of the classic game.
  • Features include a meticulously recreated interior, interactive objects, and customization options.
  • The Grove Street House offers a perfect setting for roleplay activities like gang meetings, drug deals, and parties.
  • Stepping inside brings back nostalgic memories of CJ’s childhood home, especially for GTA: San Andreas fans.


  • Enhances roleplay with a dedicated space for player interaction and story creation.
  • Improves immersion with a detailed and interactive interior that draws players into the game world.
  • Offers variety beyond the familiar GTA 5 environment.
  • Boosts server popularity by attracting GTA: San Andreas fans and roleplay enthusiasts.

Things to Consider:

  • Installation: Follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure the MLO works properly on your FiveM server.
  • Dependencies: Some MLOs may require other FiveM resources to function correctly.
  • Server Compatibility: Check if the MLO is compatible with the specific FiveM server you plan to use it on.
  • Resource Usage: Some MLOs can be resource-intensive, so ensure your server has enough resources to run smoothly.

  Location v3(92.3352, -1946.3792, 20.7821, 123.0090) 

Preview video of grove street house FiveM

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